Elements of Advertising:

Sign, symbol, illustration, and message | Product Commercial | Mass communication | Public Service Announcements

The message will be conveyed through many different kinds of mass media reaching a large number of potential consumers.

Outdoor Media
Transit Advertising
Vehicle Advertising

Our service delivery can be in any of the following types of advertising:

It is directed to users of consumer products whether FMCG, semi-durable or durable.
It is used for industrial goods and is directed to institutions and other business organizations.
It is directed to distributors, retailers as well as wholesalers.
It is directed towards professionals like CAs, doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers etc.
This advertising is done by those firms who are operating on a global platform.
Firms having all Nepal business do national advertising.
Services are intangible, inseparable, variable, perishable and customer participation is an integral part of it. They, therefore, require strict quality control, superior credibility, and adaptability. Banking, insurance, transportation, entertainment, education, healthcare, hospitality, consultancy etc. fall under this category.
It seeks to promote important social issues. It is created to promote awareness of public causes.
Institutional advertising aims at building a positive image for the firm in the eyes of public. It tells how the organization is a socially responsible institution.
Promoting capital issues has become a very specialized segment of advertising called financial advertising. The copy of financial ad gives the highlights of the project, details of the issue, management perception of risk factors, closing date of the issue, promoters name and address etc.
Convergence advertising is used for complex technical products. Convergence introduces an element of continuity and consistency in communication. Multi-product, highly diversified companies choose communication packages highlighting their core skills or strengths or mother technology. Philips has technology-led synergy across categories and strives to make things better.
It has not so far been planned as a campaign. There are rallies, posters, and audio tapes etc. for a campaign. The inputs for the political advertising come from the politicians themselves. However political parties may use creative people to design a campaign.
Interactive advertising is delivered to individual consumers who have access to a computer and the Internet. Advertisements are delivered via Web pages, banner ads, and so forth. In this instance, the consumer can respond to the ad, modify it, expand it, or ignore it.

  • Pioneering- Stimulates primary demand for new product or category
  • Competitive – Influence demand for a brand in the growth phase. Often uses emotional appeal.
  • Comparative – Compares two or more competing brands’ product attributes. Used if growth is sluggish, or if competition is strong.